"The No Nest": Eliminates the Mess and Potential Damage Bird Nests Can Cause

Invents introduces "The No Nest" which allows one to block possible openings from nesting birds.

​The simple explanation of where this new product will work best is on or around the downspouts of a building where the pipe/spout carries rainwater from the roof of building to the ground. The No Nest is an attractive and functional device that is easily mounted to the downspout of a home or building. It will eliminate the mess and potential damage these nests can cause, preserving the exterior of the home and eliminating the need for additional maintenance and costly repairs due to debris blockage and subsequent water damage.

The No Nest was designed to adjust and fit most any size or angle downspout. It will obstruct birds and other pests from nesting and building in or around areas. It is comprised of four t aping sides which feature a netted design to allow for the passage of wind and high wind gusts, as well as for aesthetic appeal. Thus breathable, this design helps ensure that the No Nest stays in place even though unfavorable weather conditions.   Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the No Nest.
The Patent Pending No Nest was invented by Dennis Hammons of Springfield, IL who said, “It is absolutely amazing…when No Nest is in place, birds and other pests are unable to nest atop the down spout and owners are spared the costly expense of repair and rehab.  It works everywhere and will be a welcome addition to every home or building owner. I have a prototype and it works perfectly.”

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