The New Impartial Observer AI Vision Processing Technology That Assesses Tasks in Minutes & on the Go

Soter Analytics develops the tech solution for weak points when performing task risk assessments.


Soter Analytics, a multinational ergonomic technology company has developed a game changing AI-driven visual processing product that is the 'impartial observer' when performing task risk assessments.

The technology called SoterTask provides a 'second unbiased eye' and labour saving features that not only decrease workload on safety professionals but significantly increases the safety of their workers.

CEO and Founder Matthew Hart says, "This innovation goes beyond a pet project for organizations investing in the safety of their workers. SoterTask is a revolutionary, serious initiative that streamlines and speeds up ergonomic assessments providing easy to read reports with objective data to assist observational techniques and increase the safety of workers."

Performing risk assessments on individual tasks in the workplace is part of hazard identification processes to keep workers safe. A proactive means to reduce the likelihood of injuries occurring and involves identification, analysis, and evaluation of all risks involved with performing a task at work.

Typically, assessments are carried out by safety professionals and can be subjective and laborious with long ergo reporting requirements. Soter Analytics have found a solution to the weak points involved with performing these types of assessments. Using AI vision processing software, taking the bias out of the process, the solution assists professionals carrying out these evaluations. 

SoterTask is simple to use. Needing only a smart device, the application can be applied on the go and requires no special tools or sensors. The video software provides a visual overlay highlighting high-risk angles and movements of a worker's body including legs, arms, neck and back on a second-by-second chart. This impartial eye assists with any perceptual or inattentional blindness and confirmation bias, both of which involve factors that influence standard observational techniques.

Medical doctor and physiotherapist, Dr Anastasia Vasina, leading the product development of technology at Soter Analytics comments, "Observational methods can be used as a supplement to the technical measurements that the SoterTask software provides and assists in providing contextual information helping to interpret the results."

The visually pleasing interface and accompanying dashboard provide detailed analysis of risks and integrate all industry ergo tools, displaying side-by-side risk comparisons for pre and post intervention implementations. The labor-saving tool also presents beautifully outlined reports with key improvement metrics for distribution and follow up. Companies are describing it as "The most convenient multi-pronged tool to mitigate all task risks."

Innovation takes time to build and gestate -despite being all about moving fast. Over two years in the making, the multidisciplinary team at Soter Analytics' have left nothing out when developing this highly operative technology, keeping their focus on the usability and labor-saving features. 

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