Manual Handling Training Made Fun: A £350,000 Gamification Project for Soter Wearables; a Next Generation in Safety Management

Soter Analytics has announced Innovate UK will invest in a £350,000 (A$600,000, US$480,000) project that will assist them in revolutionizing manual handling safety by introducing gamification into their wearables.


Soter Analytics has revealed that the new gamification project is going to be the beginning of a next generation of safety training when it comes to manual handling at work. The project is already underway and expected to be completed by the end of the year.

The global tech company produces AI-supported wearable solutions that reduce the risk of ergonomic injury in the workplace, using real-time feedback and mobile apps. 

"We are extremely excited to be first in the industry to bring gamification into a workers manual handling training. Traditionally, workplace safety is one of those learning practices that people tend to drag their feet to be part of; we are flipping this culture around and instilling fun into safe movement practices," said Matthew Hart, Soter Analytics' Founder and CEO. 

Gamification is based on video game elements of competition, reward, challenge and social engagement, which have been seen to improve the efficacy of engagement efforts without increasing costs. 

The Soter wearables' new gamification project will help companies scale up their safety culture and bring fun into their workforce, promoting a thriving workforce resulting in complete operational and financial success. 

Matthew commented, "Without revealing too much, the gamification injection into our wearables will transform the existing perception around safety training from 'obligatory and boring' to a culture of 'camaraderie and enthusiasm.' Gamification is all about tapping into emotions and what we are motivated by. This is a technological assistance that supports a humanistic approach."

Soter's wearables personalize the safety of each worker, educating them on how they move at work and motivating through highly engaging game mechanics such as points, levels, and leaderboards with frequent incentives to compete or progress. 

Dr. Anastasia Vasina, Chief Product Officer at Soter Analytics leading the gamification project, says, "Why can't safety be fun? Why is there a stigma around safety being boring and an obligation rather than a continuing game of getting it right? Aligning the value of safety to excitement and using games to motivate, educate and empower a worker's commitment to safety, is what we are focusing on to drive down injury rates and encourage safe movement."

Soter Analytics is working with one of the UK's leading gamification experts. The project involves understanding the reasoning and psychology behind user perceptions, defining target behaviors and developing player-type strategies.

Bringing gamification into the Soter wearables is going to produce a world-leading shift in the culture of safe movement at work. Workers will be seen tracking, sharing, comparing and competing to become safer, individualizing their well-being and taking ownership for their safety at work.

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