The New Flip and Flush

Never touch the toilet seat, toilet seat-cover, and flush lever again!

No one likes to touch a toilet seat to raise or lower it. All of those germs! The Flip and Flush is a bathroom accessory fixture for use with any lever-flushed toilet and intended for use in dwellings, commercial buildings, and institutional establishments. Designed as an aftermarket retrofit, it permits a toilet seat-cover and seat to be raised/lowered and the toilet flushed, entirely by the operation of three mechanical foot-pedals. The bidet on the deluxe version uses the same three pedals to release warm filtered water and warm filtered air. Instead of pressing the three pedals down, they are pressed in an up position. No additional mechanics.

The Flip and Flush can be produced in a variety of colors and finishes to suit consumer tastes and the range of popular bathroom color schemes. Televised test marketing has been completed indicating a strong consumer interest in the Flip and Flush.

The Patent Pending Flip and Flush was invented by Reginald Wescott of Philadelphia, PA, who said, "The Flip and Flush fastens by screws to the floor beside a toilet. The foot pedals connect with three terminal fittings at the top of the device: one is a chain that ends in a fitting which slips over the toilet's flush lever and operates it; a second is a curved, form-fitting, flat-bottomed metal flange that fastens to the side of the seat-cover; and the third is a flange that fastens to the side of the toilet seat. One pedal in the center raises and lowers the seat. The left pedal lifts and lowers the toilet seat-cover and the right pedal operates the flush lever. The seat-cover pedal, when depressed once, raises the seat-cover. The seat-cover then remains in the "up" position until the pedal is depressed a second time, at which point it lowers slowly to the "down" position."

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