The New Face Of Western, Den Of Ashes, Takes Flight With Blackbird

Den of Ashes debut EP Blackbird peaked this past week at #21 on iTunes new Rock releases with 5 star reviews!

Blackbird is proving that Western Alt has a strong emotional connection with fans. It is a connection with the last great frontier that harbors ghosts, solitude, mystery and a true sense of personal freedoms, unique to the story telling genre of Western.

It is a perfect setting for the music of Den of Ashes, which is hauntingly beautiful and thought provoking. In lyrics and tone, it is a window into the soul of the past with scattered remnants of the human condition when it fails or flourishes through life and death, love and pain.

Singer, songwriter Ash will be announcing tour dates in July in support of the EP with new recording to be released in the Fall. He is following in his grandparents footsteps, early Country and Western stars, John and "Texas Peggy" Clemens, The Wyoming Ramblers who toured the country in the late 1930s through the 1950s with such greats as The Carter Family and Tex Ritter.

Den of Ashes Blackbird was produced by acclaimed Music Director and drummer Robin DiMaggio. Ash is on guitar, harmonica and vocals, Additional contributions include legendary bass player Lee Sklar,  Alex Alessondroni on piano and keyboards and Brett Cookingham on guitar. Tracks engineered by Brett Cookingham and final mix by Matt Pavolaitis.

The Blackbird EP is currently streaming on Spotify and iHeart Radio with a push toward building an audience on terrestrial radio via request on the iHeart Radio network. Songs include: Demons and Angels, Ojai, Misty Mourning and Blackbird

All songs are available for download on iTunes, Rhapsody, Google Play, Amazon and mp3download. The CD will be available June 1st on the Den of Ashes website and Starry Eyed Records


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