The Nailest Offers New Alternatives to Expensive Salon Services

A luxury press-on nails company, The Nailest is announcing new products that serve as alternatives to more expensive acrylic nails. Long-term customers understand how much money can be put into maintaining acrylic nails. Acrylic nails can last up to a few weeks before needing to go into the salon to get them filled. This sometimes is not an issue for customers, but the process of applying acrylic nails may cause frequent users to take a break from getting acrylic nail services.

There may be people who are interested in getting acrylic nails but have never undergone the ordeal of getting them. Before the acrylic nail is applied, the natural nail bed is sanded down to create a rough surface for the application. This causes natural nails to be thin and brittle.

The Nailest offers handmade luxury press-on nails to ensure that each custom nail meets their customers’ needs. They only use top-quality gel polishes and acrylic products to make durable and reusable luxury press-on nails. This alternative can benefit those who want to go for a more economical route towards fulfilling their nail interests. They offer handmade press-on nail sets from $20 to $88. An additional $10 can be taken off the total cost by referring new customers.

The Nailest has recently released a new collection called “Instant Glam” that are ready to be shipped in 1-2 days. The “Instant Glam” collection showcases some of the many styles trending in fashion. Ranging from $14.99 to $22.99, anyone can find their most desired press-on nail set at an affordable price. The “Instant Glam” collection or any of their other many collections can be purchased on their website online. To make a media inquiry, please contact

Source: The Nailest


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