"The Multifunctional Mobile Device Glove ": Supplies the Communication Needs of Every User

​Hands On is a comment made so often to so many of us or by one individual to others. In this case Hands-On is a major statement because it is a wearable glove that is designed to secure a cellular smart phone in the hand of the user. There are conductive fibers on each fingertip for easy swiping, scrolling and operation of the phone. The design intent is to offer cell phone users a more stable and efficient means of securing and operating these costly devices. The gloves can be produced for wear in all type of weather and also in fingerless versions.

The Multifunctional Mobile Device Glove MDG is a wearable security glove specially designed to secure a smart phone to one’s hand. It provides protection of and full use of the equipment in a secure manner without having to continually hold the phone or store it in a difficult to access area such as a backpack or hand bag. It consist6s of the glove itself and the phone is designed to be attached to the interior for both walking and other hands-free activities such as biking, hiking and other outdoor busy activities. It is made of a variety of materials for proper use in all kinds of weather and comes in a range of sizes from small to large hands. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Multifunctional Mobile Device Glove also known as the MDG.

The Patent Pending Multifunctional Mobile Device Glove MDG was invented by Cheryl Skolnick of Rancho Cucamonga, CA who said, “Slip in, slip out is exactly what the Multifunctional Mobile Device Glove or MDG will do for the user. The MDG fits comfortably in the palm or backside of the hand and allows the user to freely utilize the device without having to strain his/her hands to grip the device. It truly is a comfort glove with all the communication present when needed when immediately available. It works.”
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