"The Multi-Purpose Caddy": A Sturdy Yet Lightweight Rack-and-Tray Designed to Hold a Variety of Containers

Invents introduces "The Multi-Purpose Caddy" which allows users to 'slide' the contents out with ease onto a hot dog bun and more.

Upgraded product packaging lines the shelves of stores everywhere today. For instance, large bottles of shampoo or conditioner are often packaged and placed upside down. The same is true of big bottles of ketchup, relish, mustard and other food items. The Multi-Purpose Caddy is a sturdy yet lightweight rack-and-tray designed to hold a variety of containers. It has raised borders that allow for secure positioning and suction cups help hold it in place.. Leaks or spills cleanup and removal is simple and easy to accomplish. The Multi-Purpose Caddy will hold four to five containers of various sizes.

Keeping the bottles in the new upside-down position makes the contents simple to remove However, holding these new packages in place can be a problem. The storage solution is found when using the Multi-Purpose Caddy. This  rack is designed to hold multiple containers from kitchen condiments to shower and bath products in an inverted top- down manner. The Multi-Purpose Caddy is designed to hang within a refrigerator door or in  a bath  or shower.  It keeps containers handy and accessible and ensures that all of the product has been used prior to disposal of the bottle/container. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Multi-Purpose Caddy.
The Patent Pending Multi-Purpose Caddy was invented by Edward Owsinkski of Ellenville, NY who said, “Bath, shower and shampoo bottles are often hard to handle and even more difficult to empty. The Multi-Purpose Caddy  pulls the contents directly out when the cap is opened and this is also true when preparing mustard and relish on a hot dog roll or other food item where ketchup is used—placing the containers in the upside-down rack ensures that all costly products have been used before tossing the container into the trash bin.”

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