"The Mulch Fertilizer/Sand Spreader": For Lawns, Gardens, Parks and Other Outdoor Properties

Labor costs is a vital item to consider when completing a job. The bottom line is important to a company and when manual labor can be decreased, profit will be increase. This is true in the landscaping business as well as for lawn maintenance firms, and others with substantial land to care for. The Mulch Fertilizer/Sand Spreader is a wheel mounted or flat bottomed (for trailers) mulch cutting and spreading machine, which is also used to spread sand and fertilizers in residential or commercial areas. Used alone or with its intake hose hooked to the back of a pick-up truck loaded with mulch, sand or fertilizer, the Mulch Fertilizer/Sand Spreader would intake one of these substances and then disperse it through the interchangeable directable,  flexible hose. Mulch, fed through the intake hose, could be cut by the removable blade piece if desired. A  capped opening for the manual loading of sand, mulch and fertilizer into the unit is also provided.
The Mulch Fertilizer/Sand Spreader is box-like shape and is a motorized unit featuring a large intake hose at its distal end. When initiated, this hose serves to intake either mulch, fertilizer or sand from the bed of a pickup truck or from a designated area. When used with a truck bed, special braces extend from  the intake  hose  hooking the hose to the back of the truck. Alternately, with the blade removed, this device can be loaded with  one of the substances through its capped opening on the top of the unit. The user simply grabs the handle of the output hose and moves the hose from side to side to facilitate spreading as the substance is forced out.  The  output hose is large, flexible, interchangeable and comes in varying lengths. INTAKE and OUTPUT switches are located on the top rear of the unit. The unit itself is mounted atop two sturdy wheels allowing the user to easily pull the unit as the materials are spread. As an option, a flat bottom unit, minus the wheels can be used within a trailer. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Mulch Fertilizer/Sand Spreader.
The Mulch  Fertilizer/Sand Spreader  is Patent Pending and  was  invented by Arthur O’Neil of Houston, TX  who said, “Increasing revenue is made simpler for those utilizing the Mulch Fertilizer/Sand Spreader. It works equally well for homeowners because it leaves more time to relax and less time working outdoors.”
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