The Most Vital Actions to Take After a Car Accident According to Attorney Belal Hamideh

Those involved in a car accidents should take these necessary steps to ensure they are protected legally and financially.

Attorney Belal Hamideh handles personal injury cases.  Hamideh said he understands that naturally, folks are shaken up during the time immediate aftermath of an accident.  The the experience, depending on severity of the crash, can be traumatic and many become emotional, deferring their logic.  Therefore, it's important to be mindful of steps that need to be taken in the moments after an accident.  Every year, thousands of Californians either get severely injured or die because of a car accident.  Many who become injured are not aware of proper steps that can be taken to curb the ramifications of the crash further down the road.  In many cases, an injured party will need to pursue a personal injury case to mitigate the physical pain and financial strain far into the future.   

The first step is to take photos of both vehicles at the point of impact.  People rush to move their cars to the side of the road because they act with emotion. However, it is important to have a photograph of the location of impact of the vehicles.  For example, the accident could have been caused by an unsafe lane change.  There are countless instances in which a party in a car accident can be held liable.  Therefore, it's imperative to have photo records of the immediate aftermath, especially the points of collision.  Even if the other party was at fault-- and even admit it -- the story might change   If you don't take a picture of their car impacting yours in your lane, the other driver can later claim they never crossed into your lane.  

It is important to know that an injury is any discomfort at all.

Belal Hamideh, Belal Hamideh Law

After taking photos of the collision, the vehicles should then be moved to the side of the road if safe to do so.  The next step is to contact the police.  When the police arrive, they will take down information and later write a report. In accidents without injury, the police will instruct the involved parties to exchange contact and insurance information.  It is important to know that an injury is any discomfort at all.  Any discomfort should be mentioned to the police so a proper report and record can be taken.  

For victims who are not seriously injured after an accident, it's important to take down the drivers license and insurance information of the other driver.  Victims who become seriously injured should either go to the hospital or call a personal injury attorney.  The best personal injury attorneys have contacts with the best medical specialists according to injury type.  Taking these vital steps will ensure protection from incurring debt from medical bills, insurance, and other underlying costs that come with car accidents.

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