The Most Advanced Veterinary Surgical Laser Becomes Even More Versatile

New Aesculight Handpiece

The VetScalpel surgical CO2 laser by Aesculight now has a new handpiece accessory that will help speed up the large area ablation procedures in dermatology and simplify the process of switching between wide ablation and smaller spot size incisions.

VetScalpel’s new wide ablation adapter fits on to the existing adjustable handpiece barrel. This new adapter eliminates having to change out the Lens Cell when switching from small spot sizes of the adjustable handpiece to wide ablation, thus saving valuable time during surgical procedures. Surgeons can simply remove the adjustable nozzle sleeve and replace with the wide ablation sleeve.

Aesculight’s focus is on providing surgeons with the state-of-the-art, proven and reliable surgical laser technologies designed to help them improve patient care. Aesculight’s latest family of VetScalpel lasers are continually being improved with help from customer feedback. Our lasers are known for a range of exclusive and proprietary technologies that enable the most ergonomic (flexible hollow fiber with autoclavable variable focal spot handpieces) and highly efficient soft tissue laser surgery (variable pulsing and laser fluence capabilities, distal end fiber calibration, customizable pre-sets) at the lowest maintenance cost (long-lasting rugged all-metal CO2 laser resonators).

Aesculight is a subdivision of LightScalpel LLC, a privately owned company, and is the fastest-growing designer and manufacturer of CO2 surgical laser technology for physicians and veterinarians. Aesculight is the ONLY North American-based manufacturer of veterinary surgical COlasers.

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