"The Monkey Aerial Work Cage": Efficiently Goes Sideways Plus Up/down, Saving Time and Money While Also Increasing Safety

​This newly designed unit is a self-contained work cage offered as a design improvement to be made on single-cable, self-lifting, self-contained aerial work cages widely used in high-elevation construction and maintenance work. The Monkey Aerial Work Cage design would equip these aerial lifts with two lift cables and winch engines rather than one, thereby enabling aerial workers to not only move up and down beneath the cable anchor point, but move side to side as well. The Monkey Aerial Work Cage then would save the time now taken in repositioning anchor points, and increase aerial workers' productivity.

The Monkey Aerial Work Cage represents a design improvement on the traditional single-cable, self-lifting work cages and equips the device with two cables and two winches rather than the single cable and winch with which they are currently equipped. This exchange is an overall basic improvement to the cage and it works making it possible to access and perform work in a much larger than is currently accessible to a single-cable-device without multiple re-positioning. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Monkey Aerial Work Cage.
The Patent Pending Monkey Aerial Work Cage was invented by Liborio Luna of Port Arthur, TX who said, “The Monkey Aerial Work Cage saves users in both dollars and safety by offering expanded access and lateral mobility. It really gives high performance and worker-safety for all users by increasing efficiency. It works perfectly and once used contractors will seldom go back to the single-cable cage.”

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