The Mexican Developer Behind Ashton Kutcher's Latest Celebrities App, Publishes a Critic Artwork: The Flight of the Humanized Robot

After bringing to life Kutcher's vision, social network's pioneer Hassan Uriostegui is reinventing social media tech as a way to enhance humanity's values. Reimagining books as "Instagram Stories", the "Humanized Robot" is a meditative journey that challenges the limits of reality but also of what Artificial Intelligence is capable of doing through sensitive storytelling.

The Flight of the Humanized Robot

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The "Humanized Robot" brings to life the voice of a digital "Juglar", a storyteller from a higher dimension that just survived a journey through the depths of the human spirit and has returned with a message: An algorithm to heal the soul.

The application is designed with the "Instagram Stories" format, and the crisp animations and infinite user interface combinations will prove to be both entertaining and inspiring. Come back and discover every time, dozens of algorithmically generated styles following the emotions of the journey, there are thousands of unique looks with dark mode fully supported!

This journey is one that anyone can complete as it's powered by the PHI369-AI. This powerful algorithm breaks down the tedious task of reading a long-format story, by learning the user's reading preferences and translating the book into easy to enjoy "tweets". Finally, a personalized timeline is scheduled and the user will receive calendar notifications to come back and complete the journey.

From our daily lives, it's almost impossible to appreciate the tremendous damage that social media has brought to the human condition: It's really hard to explain how the world turned upside down in less than a decade. The promises of a free and connected world did hide giving up the soul and future of mankind. From the way these platforms have disrupted the culture, economy, and politics of virtually every society on the planet it's hard to justify the human benefit of their applications. This is the unique insider perspective of the author, Hassan Uriostegui, a pioneering developer that just in the past decade has overpassed Instagram, Apple, and Adobe with his visionary research and internationally acclaimed products.

In 2019, celebrities like Ashton Kutcher launched Community, a new service that goes beyond social networks by enabling direct SMS chat as a scalable way to communicate with millions of fans through this new platform. The company required an experienced Apple developer for its new app and reached out to social media veteran Hassan Uriostegui for this project. Uriostegui is globally recognized for serving in 2012 as Director of Engineering at Viddy, the controversial startup co-founded by Brett O'Brien, who left the company amid rumors of rejecting a takeover offer from Facebook, a proposal that would have turned the startup in the current success of Instagram. From 2015 to 2018, O'Brien and Uriostegui co-founded and developed the FlyrTV startup that was finally acquired after raising more than $6M. Finally, Uriostegui joined Community from October 2019 to August 2020.

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Source: Maxwell Design

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