Maxwell Inspires App Creators to See Beyond White Light, but With Every Color From the Electromagnetic Spectrum

Serial entrepreneur Mark Maxwell left multi-billion design company InVision Inc in 2019 to publish open and accessible tools that equalize the minds and souls building our digital world.

​​​​​​​​​​​​Today, Maxwell Design is releasing MAXWELL LUX, a software development framework that makes Apple software development 10x more efficient. This artwork represents a commemoration for the 189th birthday of the Scottish scientist James Clerk Maxwell, born on 13 June 1831 and considered a fundamental scientific contributor after unveiling the mathematical equations that describe the nature and composition of light and color in the entire universe.

In 2019 Apple introduced macCatalyst, a development framework empowering the 20+ million Apple creators to build Univeral iOS + macOS software for the first time. This groundbreaking innovation is representative of the major technology shift in decades by the Cupertino giant and Maxwell Design is launching MAXWELL LUX to empower those voices.

MAXWELL LUX enables Apple makers to craft a new kind of Universal iOS and macOS experience where the User Interface(UI) is totally dynamic, a “Meta User Experience” (Meta UX). Under this collaborative paradigm, all UI opinion becomes entirely optional. This means designers, developers but also the end-user is capable of easily customizing the application “Look” at any moment (after product release and even while the app runs). The MAXWELL app allows anyone to adapt this “Look Specifications” while delivers an immersive experience where every screen updates as the creator tweak colors, lighting, and dozens of UI parameters, allowing app makers to experiment within their designs before writing any code.

Software creation turns 10x faster with MAXWELL LUX, by allowing developers to work in parallel to the design process by relying on the LUX Framework as a core UI Design System and later receiving versioned Look updates from the MAXWELL app—all this power integrated into any app with just a command and for free.

Maxwell LUX also features:

  • Stream LUX: Pair two or more devices and preview LUX in real-time

  • Publishing QRLUX: Collaborate through the integrated versioning/ sharing system. 

  • Files Integration: Unlimited projects managed through the native Files app.

  • Open Source: LUX is available on Github as Open Source and the Maxwell App offers flexible source code licensing (the fastest way to learn the LUX Framework).

“We dream with a world where humanistic values are paramount for technological development, a future awoken by the renaissance of mankind awareness through a reconquered love for art,” says Mark Maxwell, producer. “This platform is a reflection on a new way to create open and humanistic software, digital conjures for advancing cooperation and equality. We hope to inspire a new generation of wizards to see beyond white light but every color from the electromagnetic spectrum, this artwork is crafted with much love for you and each of them.” 

MAXWELL LUX is available on iPhone, iPad, and Mac starting from iOS 13.1 and macOS 10.15 and with Xcode Canvas any web designer can easily learn to build UI interfaces with SwiftUI + MAXWELL LUX.

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Source: Maxwell Design

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