The Mermaids Dating App is Free for Users and Offers Innovative Advanced Search Bar and Match Features

Mobile Dating App takes over Los Angeles with new Advanced Search Features. Find people with the same interests, without the struggle.

A new app has hit the market that will revolutionize the dating world by taking a different approach than most prior apps have. The new Mermaids app has innovative features that are centered around users getting to know their prospective dates on a deeper level. This is done while offering a convenient, user-friendly experience.

Many dating apps are criticized for focusing on first impressions based solely on people’s profile images. The main feature for many popular apps is swiping left and right based on an image that most people spend a second looking at. With Mermaids, we have plenty of features that let users “dive a little deeper” and get to know potential matches based on more than a mere picture. With the search function and the keyword feature it is easy for users to find others who share common interests or hobbies. By linking the app with a social media account, they are able to create a profile in no time that reflects their personality.

The Mermaids app has streamlined many aspects of dating that often cause frustration or cause conversations with prospective dates to fizzle out. When talking to new, potential romantic interests, people often want to quickly move beyond just pictures and text chatting to get a better idea about their chemistry with the other person. Mermaids has created an easy solution for this issue with its phone call and video chat features that users can access within the app. It has also made setting up a first date simple and easy. Within the app, the user can find a coffee shop at a midway point between them and their prospective date by using their device’s GPS function.

If a user finds themselves stumped about things to talk about with their potential date or wants to avoid awkward lulls in the conversation, there is an Ice Breaker feature that will present both people with a question designed to keep the conversation interesting and engaging. The app also has a built-in translator that allows users to translate any language and connect with one another despite language barriers that they may face.

Mermaids is available for a free download on iTunes and Google Play, and is compatible with all mobile devices. For more information about Mermaids or to follow them on social media, find them at

About the Mermaid Dating

Mermaids Dating is a multifaceted dating app company based in Los Angeles. Their team specializes in creating a unique, innovative experience for users and developing cutting-edge apps that are fully-functional on all mobile devices and operating systems.

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