The Medicaid App - Patients Learn Within Minutes if They Qualify

The Medicaid Advisory Group launched a new app called The Medicaid App that tells consumers if they qualify for Medicaid within minutes with a few short simple questions.

Consumers can now know within minutes whether they qualify for Medicaid via a free mobile tool that was created by social workers in the healthcare industry.

The Medicaid App guides consumers through a short question and answer session that covers their employment history, income level, age, marital and family status. Based on the user’s answers, the mobile app can determine whether the person is a good candidate for Medicaid.

If users learn they don’t qualify for Medicaid, the free app guides them through several different steps that can take to increase their chances for coverage. If consumers do learn they qualify for Medicaid, the app provides them with benefits and services that can help them based on their personal situation.

The Medicaid App was launched by Medicaid Advisory Group as a way to help families and patients trying to navigate the complicated healthcare system. Their team of social workers identified some of the most commonly asked questions that they hear from patients and families. Those answers are in this app.

The Medicaid application process is long and complex, and frequently inconsistent when it comes to identifying who is eligible.

The Medicaid App eliminates the need to spend countless hours online, researching whether a consumer qualifies for Medicaid, essentially providing a personal social worker in the palm of your hand. It is also the first mobile app to break down the complicated Medicaid approval process.

The CEO of Medicaid Advisory Group, Ginalisa Monterroso, said she wanted to create a more simple structure that helps consumers learn whether they qualify for Medicaid. Her solution to the problem evolved into The Medicaid App.

“Medicaid is a complicated process to navigate,” Monterroso said. “You can have a Ph.D. or law degree and still get lost in the government bureaucracy. The Medicaid App gives consumers a quick look at whether they may or may not qualify for this government service.”

Monterroso personally experienced this government bureaucracy after her daughter was born with a disability more than 20 years ago. She was denied Medicaid repeatedly, even though Monterroso knew her daughter qualified for it.

“I knew based on my experiences there was a need for a health advocate for people like me,” Monterroso said. “With Medicaid Advisory Group, our social workers are the advocates for our patients.”

The Medicaid App is available for download in the iTunes Store and on Google Play.

Source: Medicaid Advisory Group


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