Medicaid Advisory Group Expands Its Healthcare Services and Renames Itself Medicare & Medicaid Advisory Group

​​​​​​​​​​​The patient advocacy firm, Medicaid Advisory Group, is expanding into new healthcare services and renaming itself, Medicare & Medicaid Advisory Group.

Now in addition to helping patients and families navigate the complex Medicaid healthcare system, Medicare & Medicaid Advisory Group will add additional social workers, estate planning and legal assistance to help families facing the challenging healthcare system.

We don't represent facilities. We represent families.

Ginalisa Monterroso , Founder of Medicare & Medicaid Advisory Group

In addition, other new services provided by Medicare & Medicaid Advisory Group include:

-        Patient and resident representative services to help with medical bills, continuity of care, facility admissions and discharge

-        Assistance with enrollment under the Affordable Care Act coverage

-        Homecare services

-        Health Care/Elder Care and Estate Planning

-        Medicare Options Assistance for Part D plans, lower copays and Medigap coverage

The founder and CEO of Medicare & Medicaid Advisory Group, Ginalisa Monterroso, say their healthcare services always put the patient and family first.

“We don’t represent facilities,” said Monterroso. “We represent families, whether it be a couple, individual or a son or daughter assisting their parent with life-changing decisions. We are here to help navigate the system together.”

Medicare & Medicaid Advisory Group has a full-time staff of Licensed Master Social Workers (LMSWs), full-time staff attorneys to help with guardianships, wills, special needs trusts and power of attorney. Their social workers are experts in Certified Home Health Agency (CHHA), Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP) and caregiver support for Dementia, Alzheimer and other long-term diseases.

Medicare & Medicaid Advisory Group formed a partnership earlier this year with the New York nonprofit, PSS Circle of Care. Together, both PSS Circle of Care and Medicare & Medicaid Advisory Group will partner to provide free resources, training and assistance to caregivers who need it most.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s Alzheimer’s Caregiver Support Initiative provided PSS Circle of Care with $7.5 million to help New Yorkers. The award brings training, online resources, support groups, assistance and information to caregivers who are struggling to take care of aging loved ones.

"Caregivers frequently tell us they are tired, exhausted, stressed and sometimes just need a little time for themselves,” said Monterroso. “With our expansion into Medicare, our social workers and staff lawyers can take these services to a broader sector of the population."

About Medicare & Medicaid Advisory Group

Medicare & Medicaid Advisory Group is located in New York but serves families all over the Tri-State area. It was founded by Ginalisa Monterroso who has more than 25 years in the healthcare industry. Medicare & Medicaid Advisory Group provides patients and caregivers with easy access to Medicare and Medicaid assistance and coverage, saving them time, money, and stress during the process of getting Medicare and Medicaid. 

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Source: Medicare & Medicaid Advisory Group