"The Meat Spritzer": Allows Chefs to Baste Meat in Easy, Mess-Free Manner

​Living in an area where one is able to use the outdoor grill year-round is a perfect location because grilled meat equals desired and delicious food. This new device is the answer to many grill and barbecue chefs no matter where one lives. The Meat Spritzer is a specially designed grill accessory configured to automatically and adjustably marinate meats as they are being cooked. The design intent is to provide backyard and professional chefs with an easy means of seasoning and marinating foods and keeping them moist throughout the grilling process without having to continuously open the grill lid to baste by hand, which can result in lost heat.

The Meat Spritzer is appropriate for use on any type of grill. It offers a flat surface that is suspended over the surface of grill. The Meat Spritzer provides an efficient, easy-to-use accessory for any barbecuing endeavor. It eliminates the need to constantly open a grill lid to baste meats (or vegetables) by hand thus preventing the loss of heat and smoke while also easing a laborious aspect of the grilling process. It is configured to allow delicious marinades to drip downward or to periodically spray a fine mist and is a handy device allowing users to simplify the basting process in a mess-free manner.  Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in The Meat Spritzer.
The Patent Pending Meat Spritzer was invented by Steven Jones of Gardena, CA who said, “Good company and good food are important items in everyone’s life. Grilling is a vital part of delicious food and The Meat Spritzer makes tasty moist grilling better than ever— thus the word spritzer.  It works perfectly and delivers delicious marinades throughout the grilling process.”

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