The Marriage Foundation Launches Premarital Courses at Del Mar Bridal Bazaar

The marriage of your dreams is within your reach

New premarital courses from Premarital Academy will be launched during the Bridal Bazaar at the Del Mar Fairgrounds April 30.

Renowned marriage expert Paul Friedman from The Marriage Foundation will be launching new premarital courses from Premarital Academy during the upcoming Bridal Bazaar at the Del Mar Fairgrounds on Sunday, April 30. Brides, grooms, family and friends who stop by booth #515 will receive discounts up to 50% off the courses.

Information will also be available at the booth explaining how couples can save hundreds of dollars on their wedding by using The Marriage Foundation’s sponsoring vendors. 

"We want to ensure couples learn how to avoid the hidden pitfalls and traps that destroy most marriages to ensure they get the greatest benefits from being married,"

Paul Friedman, Founder and Executive Director

“Our mission is to share information with couples so they can learn what it takes not only to stay married but have a long, happy marriage,” said Friedman. “A properly functioning marriage produces happiness beyond any happiness one could achieve from material possessions, or in any other way.”

The courses are offered through Premarital Academy, a division of The Marriage Foundation. “Premarital Academy has the most practical and relevant pre-marriage training available,” said Friedman. The programs are based on the same principles discovered by Friedman in 2003 when he made the decision to help save troubled marriages. 

He was working as a divorce mediator and realized he should help reduce the 50 percent divorce rate. Friedman began working with couples to save their marriage, instead of ending it as a divorce mediator. He also wrote two marriage help books: Lessons For A Happy Marriage and Breaking The Cycle. Both books can be purchased on Amazon. 

Friedman founded The Marriage Foundation in 2009 and launched a series of marriage courses. In January, he introduced premarital courses through Premarital Academy.

“We want to ensure couples learn how to avoid the hidden pitfalls and traps that destroy most marriages to ensure they get the greatest benefits from being married,” he said. “Our online program is positive, practical and thorough.” There is also an option to upgrade to live sessions with certified Premarital Academy mentors. 

For more information about The Marriage Foundation and Premarital Academy, visit or

Premarital Academy

2650 Camino del Rio North, Suite 211, San Diego, CA 92108
+1 (760) 999-0150

For Press Inquiries, email

The Bridal Bazaar will be held April 30, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Del Mar Fairgrounds, 2260 Jimmy Durante Blvd., Del Mar, CA 92014. Visit The Marriage Foundation at booth #515. 

Source: The Marriage Foundation


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