"The Mag Pad": Provides a Rigorous Resistance Training Workout

​ The Merriam-Webster online dictionary describes resistance as: of relating to or being exercise involving pushing or pulling against a source of resistance (such as a weight) to increase strength resistance training. This description accurately describes The Mag Pad.  The Mag Pad is a magnetic force generating surface that operates in accordance with several different accessories to provide the user with a resistance based physical workout. The design intent of The Mag Pad is to present the user with a new and novel means of controlling the level of resistance for various workout routines.

The Mag Pad system consists of the pad itself, a sweat resistant surface powered via a power cord and a standard wall outlet. Once on, the pad generates a level of magnetic force that can be increased or decreased with a knob that displays increments of power, numbering one through ten. Level one on represents ten pounds of resistance while level ten generates fifty pounds. Once the resistance level is selected, the user can utilize    one of the accessories. This special equipment contains magnets sensitive to the gravitational pull of The Mag Pad and provides resistance based on the level selected. A set of plastic dumbbells allow for an upper body workout and ankle weights are included for the lower body and a vest to be worn while the user completes sets of push-ups and sit-ups. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Mag Pad.

The Patent Pending Mag Pad was invented by Michael Trotman of Brooklyn, NY who said, “This provides a terrific new means of working out at home and saves space by taking the place of a plethora of weights normally needed to obtain the same variety of resistance. It provides the user with a rigorous physical workout.” 

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