"The Luggage Reminder": Helps Maintain Personal Belongings in Today's Fast-Paced World

Never left behind is the purpose of this new device and is perfect for travelers. The Luggage Reminder is a transmitting and receiving system for luggage, which audibly, visibly, and tangibly informs the user should the luggage be left behind, and the user travel beyond a preset range. The design intent is to provide busy and distracted travelers with a simple and effective means of keeping track of luggage and personal items while commuting or traveling, and one that will sound an alarm, flash, and vibrate to ensure the user will not miss an alert or their luggage.

The transmitter placed within the luggage is a small rectangular electronic unit featuring a frequency generator, amplifier, internal antenna, beeper and speaker along with the required electronic circuitry encased within a durable plastic housing. A small replaceable battery is used to power the unit. On the top panel is a push-button that activates the system. A green and a red LED beside the push-button serves as an illuminated indication that the transmitting unit has been activated or de-activated. The receiver is the same size and shape as the transmitter and consists of a tuned frequency, receiver circuit, replaceable battery, audible beeper, LED and vibrating mechanism for alerts—all enclosed within a similar housing. Alerts from this receiver will sound, flash, and vibrate ensuring that an alert is not missed. A reset button is located on the front panel to deactivate the alerts along with other control button features. This receiver also features an open area to facilitate attachment to a key chain. The receiver offers a small LCD screen and compact keyboard allowing the user to input the range parameters for the system. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Luggage Reminder. 
The Luggage Reminder is Patent Pending and was invented by Sergio Santos of Bronx, NY who said, “This device prevents users from leaving valuable personal items behind. It also aids the traveler at the baggage claim carousel and eliminates the risk of someone else claiming their bags. It is perfect for airline travelers but works equally well for those using train or bus transport.”

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