The Light Committee™ Adds a Social Media Feeds Photo Shoot Session for Actors

As Casting Directors, Talent Agents, and Talent Managers Increasingly Review Actors' Social Media Feeds, the Quality and Vibe of Their Photography Are Ever More Important

Actor Headshots by The Light Committee in Los Angeles

The Light Committee™ has added a new session for Los Angeles actors focused on creating weeks to months worth of photography content to use on social media profiles. This way, actors have more professional-grade photos for their feeds. Doing so is becoming more important given that casting directors, talent agents, and talent managers increasingly review social media accounts to gauge actors.

From a content perspective, the new session focuses primarily on creating studio or outdoors lifestyle types of photos. Actors from the Los Angeles area can bring outfit options, props, and more. Some props, like different chairs and couches, and many backgrounds are also available in the studio. Hundreds of photos will be created so, depending on the frequency of posting, there will be content for weeks to months.

Aspiring actors can focus on attempting to get shots that set moods toward character types. An actor might bring a doctor's coat and stethoscope if they want a doctor role. They can be a bit broader with an outfit that sways toward a doctor look but is still universal. With such shots posted on social media, actors can push character types without doing so using their main headshots or actor profiles on platforms like Actors Access or Backstage. Shots can also be made without a focus on character types, for example in lifestyle settings like cityscapes or park-like scenes.

The higher quality photos give better impressions of professionalism. For this purpose, it is often advised actors have professional social media accounts for acting. As casting directors, talent agents, and talent managers review such social media profiles, the focused content can help viewers see actors in a focused light that the actor creates via their content.

The Light Committee offers actor headshots in Los Angeles and online booking. Session options include some with limited looks and retouches and others with unlimited looks and a set number of retouches. Other session options include a hair and makeup stylist and a slate video production.

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