"The LED Signal Brake": Serves a Purpose for Everyone on the Road

​Safety on the road is the most important and vital impact any driver can enjoy. Such drivers will both appreciate and benefit from following the rules of the road and the same is true of his or her passengers.  The LED Signal Brake is an additional brake light for the rear window of any automobile which reveals a “NO TEXTING” message, illuminated in red when the brakes are pressed. This promotes a campaign against the dangers of texting while driving, with a clearly displayed reminder message. The design intent is to discourage texting and phone use while behind the wheel, thus increasing highway safety.

This device is offered both as an aftermarket product or to be installed into vehicles at the point of manufacture.It is positioned in the rear window and connected to the bake line in a manner similar to common rear brake lights. When the brake lights Are depressed the LED Signal Brake brilliantly displays the words, “NO TEXTING” and can be easily seen by the driver to the rear regardless of weather conditions. It is an effective means to convey a message to a driver’s fellow motorists on how important it is to refrain from using a cellular phone while driving a vehicle.  Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the LED Signal Brake.
The Patent Pending LED Signal Brake was invented by Luis Reyes of Garden Grove, CA who said, “I have a prototype which so far has been successful, however, it depends upon every driver to be alert to others and discourage other drivers not to text or use a cell phone while the vehicle is in motion. It conveys the importance of attention and alertness when behind the wheel, I believe it will work for others just as it works for me. It could save property damage and will certainly save lives when others pay attention to the alert and the signage.  It works!”

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