"The Layout Tool: Marker Aids Swift and Accurate Measurements

In the building world, measuring is a key ingredient to framing and the person doing the layout must be certain it is done accurately. The most common layout is known as 16” o.c. and once the measurements have been done with a tape one must go back with a speed square to make sure the board is square. This takes time unless using this new tool. The Layout Tool is a manually operated, wheeled tool designed to quickly and easily layout wall studs by marking boards used in construction – bottom and top plates, rim joists, and so forth – at intervals of 16 inches on-center. Easy to use, accurate and a huge time-saver, the Layout Tool will make the on-center marking of boards faster and far more efficient.

The Layout Tool consists of a special wheel, 5” in diameter x 16” in circumference x 2½” in thickness, and this wheel is axle-mounted between the two prongs of a fork. The top of the fork features a long extendable and detachable handle so the tool may be utilized in a standing, bending or kneeling position.  The handle has a contoured, padded grip fastened to the top of the wheel-fork through a male-female threaded configuration. The circumference of the wheel is the distance between the desired “on-center” marks. The wheel bears a single notch in its circumference and within this notch is a spring-loaded, retractable felt-tip marking point. The operator rolls the Layout Tool down the length of the board making an initial mark at 15¼ inches and subsequent at 16 inches. When the felt tip is exhausted it slides or is pushed out of the wheel to one side and replaced. A quantity of felt tip inserts accompany the Layout Tool and additional inserts are sold separately. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Layout Tool.
The Layout Tool is Patent Pending and was invented by Jason Miconi, Michael Barrett and Daniel Brodoff of Higganum, CTwho said, “Every time the wheel makes a revolution it makes a mark on the board. The Layout Tool lessens layout time considerably and eliminates mistakes. It works so well that once a carpenter has used it, he or she will never want to be without it again. It was designed and developed for those in the construction industry and it works perfectly.”

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