"The Koozie With Strap": Solves the Problem of Hands-Free With Immediate Access

​Walking along a trail or a street while holding a beverage can be a problem, particularly a cold can. But, there is a way to do this without having one’s hands tied up. The Koozie with Strap presents consumers with two alternatives, both of which would keep a canned beverage secure, cold, close at hand, and immediately accessible. The first is a foam koozie equipped with two D-rings and a clip-on adjustable neck-strap; the second is an adjustable neck-strap, the ends of which are equipped with alligator-clips to attach to almost any existing koozie. This is ideal for anyone who enjoys a cold beverage and wants to keep it within easy reach without setting it down. The Koozie with Strap enables users to carry the koozie totally hands-free.

The Koozie with Strap has a premium-quality, semi-rigid polyurethane foam koozie equipped with triple-stitched nylon webbing loops, each of which holds a molded-plastic D-ring. An adjustable nylon strap with molded nylon turnbuckles, snaps onto the D-rings and is worn around the user’s neck to support the koozie against his or her stomach or chest. It is both simple and secure and the koozie is now worn by the user like a pair of binoculars rather than carried by hand. The other version is intended for use with any existing koozie and rather than terminating in turnbuckle snaps terminates in a pair of nylon or molded-plastic thumb-locking alligator clips. It too is supported and suspended by the neck strap. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Koozie with Strap.
The Patent Pending Koozie with Strap was invented by Rammi Alzammar of Fontana, CA who said, “This device allows the user to wear instead of carry the koozie. No longer will a user lay a can down, possibly getting it knocked over or forgets where he or she placed it. It is always at hand regardless of what one’s hands are busy doing—working, riding, or doing something else. A sip always easily accessible. It works.”

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