"The King Bar": Provide Truck Drivers With an Easier, Less Labor-Intensive Means of Securing the Loads to Flatbed Trailers

Invents introduces "The King Bar" which makes securing material or equipment down tight on flatbeds and has never been so easy.

​Attention truckers!  Transporting materials and equipment is often considered the lifeblood of this country. But securing the loads to flatbed trailers can be a difficult job. That will not be the case when using the new King Bar. The design intent of the King Bar is to provide truck drivers with an easier, less labor-intensive means of successfully completing this task.
The King Bar is an extendable assistive device to aid in securing loads. Truckers are able to quickly complete the security process with little effort and without injury. It is made of a durable heavy duty steel material and the proximal end where it is held has a rubberized grip. The body of the unit has locking pins and allows the King Bar to extend from three to five feet. The distal end of the unit offers a brace conducive to attachment to chains and straps. The front end of the King Bar is used to tighten the strap and also features a raised edge so when entered into a flatbed trailer it locks into the winch opening. The King Bar is effective.  Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the King Bar.
The Patent Pending King Bar was invented by Ricardo Galan of Houston, TX who said, “This seems so simple and yet it is so vital to the truckers working with the transport using flatbed trucks.  It relieves the strain and tension on the back, arm and leg muscles and may prevent debilitating injuries that can result in a trucker being unable to work. The King Bar significantly reduces the time required to strap in cargo and gives the user added peace of mind knowing the load is secure.

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