The Key to Creating a Distraction-Free Office is Improving the Acoustics - Experts Explain How to Do It

The modern open-plan office setup presents unique challenges around noise-level control. Creating a constructive work environment is all about finding a well-balanced acoustic solution.

Office Vision

According to Office Vision, one of the leading office fitout companies Melbourne-wide, as today's office environments are more open and tend to be designed for collaboration, controlling noise levels can present a new set of challenges. With more people in an open space, there is more sound to contend with, especially in buildings that are designed with high ceilings and feature concrete surfaces. 

Office Vision explains that for the ideal office fitout, Melbourne organisations need to understand the difference between sound absorption and sound insulation. Sound-absorbing surfaces strategically placed throughout open plan spaces will stop noise from bouncing around the room, while sound insulation is important for glazing, partitioning and ceiling systems to control sound from travelling from one space to another.

The key to creating a distraction-free environment is an acoustic solution that can absorb, block and cover noise. Suspended ceilings, rafts and baffles can help to absorb sound while partitions can block and ambient noise can cover unwanted noise, explains Office Vision.

Plants are a clever way to combine aesthetic and acoustic performance. Effective at reducing noise levels in open plan settings, plants also have the ability to purify the air and improve mood while enhancing the overall look of the space. 

Soft furnishings can also help to soften noise levels. Office Vision recommends adding carpet, couches, lounge chairs and wall partitions where possible to reduce noise reverberation around the space. Additionally, consider a dedicated focus area for concentrated work, meetings and private discussions.

In a busy workplace, the constant activity and associated noise can be distracting and frustrating for employees, resulting in less productivity and lower workplace satisfaction. Office Vision suggests for any commercial office fitout Melbourne-wide, there are tools and techniques that can be used to control the acoustics of the workplace to effectively balance the need to communicate with the need for privacy and the ability to focus. 

To learn more about creating a distraction-free office environment and to discuss a commercial fitout, Melbourne organisations can contact Office Vision today.

Source: Office Vision