"The Invisible Nail": Works Perfectly and Does the Job Without Visual Results

The Invisible Nail is a modified line of construction nails that features sharpened points on each end. Featuring a dual sided nail, screw, or push-pin; or a various combination of such, like a screw and nail combo; the design intent is to provide consumers a simple yet effective means of joining two items without the nail, screw, or push pin, being exposed. The Invisible Nail can also be used with a nail gun, and is excellent for use on walk-boards.

The Invisible Nail can be applied to virtually any type of nail, from aluminum, box, and tacks to casings, convex, and copper and in all lengths and sizes. The dual sides can present different nail types with one end a standard nail and the opposite a screw. A dual sided push pin is also produced as well as other combinations. Each Invisible Nail has a flange, appropriately positioned between the two tips, which serves as the joining point when fastening two objects. The Invisible Nail is packaged with a special cylindrical hammer tool for nail application that contains an open slot at its base into which the Invisible Nail is placed. The tool facilitates effortless use without having to strike the exposed point of the nail with a hammer because the nail is ensconced within the tool and the hammer is used on the proximal end of the tool itself. Once the opposite side has been hammered in, the second object is placed on top of the exposed end and joined accordingly and other applicators such as a hex driver and a specially designed screw driver are available. The Invisible Nail can be used for both temporary and permanent applications and may also be used with a nail gun. The Invisible Nail works equally well when mounting ready-to-assemble furniture. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Invisible Nail. 
The Invisible Nail is Patent Pending. The inventor said, “This two-sided nail can be used for surfaces or applications where the user does not want the nail exposed. It eliminates the unsightly view of exposed nails and enables users to execute a variety of tasks without visible results. The Invisible Nail works perfectly for every user.”

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