"The Intravenous Protector": Water-Resistant Barrier for Users With IV Sites

​Good health is vital to everyone and medical care sometimes requires an individual  have IV therapy. These IV users acknowledge the difficulty and hardship in keeping the IV site clean and dry. The Intravenous Protector changes that problem. It is a disposable, arm-length, fingerless rubber glove with exposed fingertips, that serves as protection for an open IV site when bathing. A full inch of elastic banding is around each fingertip and at the distal end of the unit—the part that encircles the upper arm. This design creates a water-resistant barrier. The IV Protector is designed to make showering and washing safer and more simple for an IV user or the caregiver.

The composition of the Intravenous Protector is of elastic and rubber materials. The amply sized elastic bands serve to seal out moisture, dirt and germs. This keeps the site dry and devoid of contamination. A cotton composition may also be impregnated within a synthetic rubber to assure water resistance. Despite the frequency of IV insertion, there are potential risks involved in their use and this device has impact by helping reduce complications. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Intravenous Protector.

The Patent Pending Intravenous Protector was invented by Michael Gordon, a certified nursing assistant living in Hackensack, NJ who said, “The Intravenous Protector allows patients and caregivers to safely maintain basic hygienic needs for those possessing an IV site. The IV Protector provides protection from moisture and is a welcome benefit for an IV patient by not compromising the integrity of the site. It works perfectly.”

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