"The International Athletic Scouting Combines": Perfect Aid for Athletic Director's, Administrative Staff and Coach's

The Webster-Merriam online dictionary describes the word scout as “one sent to obtain information-a scouting expedition, to make a search and to explore an area or work as a talent scout’ and “search in a similar manner describes it to consider or look over carefully to discover something”. This new product is the perfect method to fulfill the word scout or search. The International Athletic Scouting Combines is an interactive networking website for use in viewing and uploading combine performance statistics and other important data pertaining to high school and college athletes. The design intent is to provide professional athletic scouts and coaches a practical management tool for use in scouting potential players and building a strong and successful sports team.

The International Athletic Scouting Combines is built like standard hierarchical web sites and features a main database, as well as tables, text windows, outlines, scripts, and various types of data. Windows, links and application icons offered on the International Athletic Scouting Combines website are organized in accordance to specific sports and more. A window dedicated to high school baseball is organized in accordance to basemen, pitchers, catchers, hitters and the like. Detailed specifics spanning a player's career are included and regularly updated. Information is included pertaining to player's ranking, division, height, weight and other pertinent data. This product encompasses a broad range of sports played by male and female athletes alike. The International Athletic Scouting Combines includes information pertaining to football, baseball, hockey, lacrosse, soccer, swimming, tennis and track and field. The I.A.S.C. offers links to individual team pages, allowing the scout to explore detailed information regarding specific players or teams. The scout can input specific criteria and skills they are searching for in a potential recruit, with the system then running an internal search of its database and providing a list of athletes that meet the perimeters of the user's search. Player's name searches could also be performed. With the designated athlete(s) located in the search, a comprehensive spread sheet would then be made available that would detail personal information and statistics of the player, as well as provide a photograph of the athlete. This app might also be programmed to accept and display videos of the athlete in action on the field of play, and, this interactive website could be regularly updated by coaches to ensure their best athletes are promoted and noticed by scouts, regardless of their Division. This is an international website, showcasing athletes from around the globe and users are charged a nominal fee for accessing and utilizing this service.
The International Athletic Scouting Combines is Patent Pending and was invented by David Wright of Glen Burnie, MD who said, “This website cuts back on costs and travel time when recruiting. It evaluates athletes and players and aids scouting decisions. It works.”

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