The Inspirational Independence Hall and Liberty Bell Exhibit Will Travel to Cities Across the U.S.

Smart Crowdfunding is slated to carry out strategic marketing initiatives for the 'Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell Exhibit' project on Indiegogo. The team behind this campaign is crowdfunding to create a traveling exhibit that will give all Americans the chance to step back in time and experience an integral moment in U.S. history.

​​Inspired by the most important moment in American history, Michael Wiggins has created a very realistic replica of the 2 most significant historical icons in the U.S., Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell. He plans to take this inspired creation to the entire nation as a traveling exhibit, which is why he has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. This campaign has a funding goal of $10,000 which is being raised to complete the final details on this work of art, as well as cover the costs of bringing the “Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell Exhibit” to the public. Wiggins states, “Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell are the most significant historical icons in all of the United States.  Independence Hall is where the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were signed, and celebrated with the ringing of the Liberty Bell on July 4, 1776. My goal is to recapture the moment in history when our country was born, [and] create a display of great historical value and aesthetic appeal that will educate and delight viewers across the country, both children and adults.”

The traveling Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell Exhibit is a highly detailed and architecturally accurate representation of the moment the United States of America was born. Once completed, the exhibit will feature: a scale model of Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell, complete with the infamous crack, as well as 4-6 brass and metal lampposts with LED lighting, a framed copy of the Declaration of Independence, and a sterling silver replica of the inkstand used by Thomas Jefferson during the writing of the Declaration, and again by the 56 men who signed this important document. Wiggins settled for nothing but perfection in his representation of this historical era. He states, “It took me painstaking hours to draft the intricate details that are featured” and even plans on using genuine cobblestone in the landscape design.  

"Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell are the most significant historical icons in all of the United States. My goal is to recapture the moment in history when our country was born by creating a historical exhibit that includes representations of the greatest significance."

Michael Wiggins, Creator

Wiggins has been working very diligently on all of the essential elements for this exhibit, and he is nearing completion but needs help which is why he is reaching out to the public via his Indiegogo campaign. Crowdfunding turns a project into a group effort, which is why it is perfect for the “Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell Exhibit”. This exhibit will travel the country, giving everyone the chance to view it and take a step back into history. As an added bonus with this campaign, Wiggins is offering several perks to supporters. These perks, which serve as funding incentives, range in value from a “Thank You for Your Support” perk, which gives a funder the opportunity to play a huge role in bringing this exhibit to life while also being able to follow the project and receive all of the updates, to various merchandise items and “Commemorative Wall of Donors” levels. Full details can be found on their Indiegogo campaign page.

About Michael Wiggins:

Michael Wiggins studied Paralegal at the Community College of Philadelphia. In 2002 circumstances had him working as an armed guard at Independence Hall when divine intervention inspired him to bring this critical and awe-inspiring piece of American history to all of the citizens of the United States who may not be able to travel to see it.

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