National Red Alert Launches Equity Campaign for the Fastest Emergency Response System Ever Devised

The Red Alert System saves lives with their patented EDIS personal security technology

The team behind National Red Alert, Inc. has decided they've had enough. Modern news is filled with shootings, rapes, kidnappings, assaults, hate crimes, disappearances, and a slew of other violent crimes. The statistics are overwhelming and paint a very bleak picture. That is why a team of seasoned professionals with an impressive skill-set and extensive experience in the security industry has come together and decided to put their experience to work by protecting people outside their homes.

The team at National Red Alert identified the greatest issues in the field of personal safety and came up with a system that promises to change the statistics in the U.S. Together they created Red Alert, a life-saving system that puts the power back in the hands of the victim and away from the criminal. 

In the words of National Red Alert CEO and Co-Founder Robert Adams: "Our mission is to help transform the culture in the U.S. from one of personal danger to one of personal safety - by helping to prevent an assault or a shooting before it begins. Starting with the EDIS patented platform and by applying our collective expertise in software, systems, networks and security applications, the Red Alert system makes this possible."

Red Alert is an innovative device that uses ComBadge and Event Driven Information Systems (EDIS) powered technology to connect people to an emergency response team in nanoseconds. Co-founder Chet Przygoda is the brilliant mind behind the creation of the EDIS technology and holds multiple patents for the technology.

The Red Alert system provides: 

  • Speed. Near instantaneous response. As soon as the user presses the ComBadge, they are connected to emergency personnel within nanoseconds.
  • Simple User Action. A victim may not be able to think clearly during an emergency, which is why simplicity in control is critical. 
  • Comprehensive transmittal of data. Emergency services recognize who you are, your exact location and place you in live voice and/or video contact with emergency professionals.
  • Historical Data. Once engaged, Red Alert begins recording via voice and/or video, creating an accurate live and historical location log during the event.

The Red Alert System started in 2016 when the team came together and has been in development for 5+ years, undergoing intensive research and development. They are now ready to move forward; reaching out to accredited investors via their $5M Reg D 506c equity crowdfunding campaign. The company has a solid business plan with impressive projections growing exponentially. 

For more information on the offer, Accredited Investors CLICK HERE.

About National Red Alert, Inc: The Red Alert system, with the ComBadge Portal attached, transforms any smart device into the fastest, most comprehensive personal emergency response system ever devised.

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