Equitize USA Changes the Game in Equity Crowdfunding

A Revolutionary REG D Equity Crowdfunding platform connects international companies with US investors

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​​Crowdfund Roundup Association LLC, (“CFR”), announces the debut of their revolutionary Equitize USA investment platform. Equitize USA provides unprecedented access to global investment opportunities for U.S. investors and a path to the U.S. capital market for emerging growth companies around the world.

The team at Equitize USA consists of the best in the industry. Irwin Stein, Equitize USA’s prestigious legal advisor, is a highly respected legal guru in the financial and crowdfunding industries. His advice, guidance and expertise are sought out by fundraisers around the world.

Stein, states “we have assembled one of the most experienced teams in crowdfunding. Collectively, the current team has worked on between $2 - $3 billion in financing transactions over the years.”

Every member of the team has been painstakingly handpicked, including Shane Liddell, the team’s leading crowdfunding and marketing guru. Liddell has been involved in marketing for decades and was one of the first people to enter the crowdfunding industry during its earliest inception. Equitize USA could have chosen from hundreds of candidates to head up their marketing and crowdfunding department, but Stein is very steadfast in his determination that Equitize USA will not settle for less than the best. Liddell was specifically chosen as the team’s crowdfunding and marketing expert.

Adam Pressman, Equitize USA’s CEO states: “We have assembled more financing. legal and marketing talent in one place than the crowdfunding industry has seen before.”

Pressman goes on to say, “When a company comes to us looking for investors, we intend to help make their offering a success.”

Most businesses around the world go to a bank when they need capital. In many countries that can be difficult and expensive, which often limits or cripples the growth of the business. Investment crowdfunding allows these companies to acquire the capital they need from investors in the US. Unlike any type of institutional financing or venture capital, with investment crowdfunding the companies seeking the funds set the terms of the offering.

Companies that list their offerings on Equitize USA may offer investors common or preferred stock, notes, bonds and various other types of instruments. These investments are offered to US investors under Regulation D.

Any investor who wishes to invest in any offering listed on the platform will be required to undergo an accredited investor verification process before their investment is accepted. With over four decades of experience in Securities, Crowdfunding and Technology, the Equitize USA team is uniquely qualified to help you raise capital.

For more information please visit the Equitize USA website.

About Equitize USA: Equitize USA is an equity crowdfunding platform that connects International companies with US investors online. The team consists of a talented group of professionals, who are the best and brightest in the business.   

To contact via email: info@equitizeusa.com

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