THE INNER-CITY PLEDGE by RON PRICE: President-Elect Donald Trump Can Transform America's Inner Cities

​​Americans in our inner cities are faced with some grave challenges; crime-ridden communities, deteriorating neighborhoods, failing schools, and low-income opportunities. History has not been on our side until now. Donald Trump could be the answer. President-Elect Trump mentioned to America that six trillion dollars has been spent in wars overseas. What if America spent that money on rebuilding inner cities and improving our educational system?

America thirsts for excellence, knowledge, technology, social justice, and imagination. Our country is based on courage and the courage to do what is right. When the evil element of race raises its ugly head all Americans can remember our constitution says “ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL”. Single parent families find it harder to save money; but President-Elect Trump understands this plight and wants to focus on creating policies that will expand opportunities.

The nurturing mind begins in the womb, with prenatal health care to Pre-K; such as Head Start, and partnering with the thousands of daycares in the inner-cities of our nation. Nurse family partnership programs, after-school programs to keep kids from the lure of the streets, and provide educational enrichment as well as badly needed role models; community-based programs that focus on enhancing life skills. Shade of skin or first language does not matter. One can live in a neighborhood, or the hood and be poor or rich. All American lives are precious and MATTER!

America has spoken and President-Elect Donald Trump needs to be listened to when he talks about “MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN”, but this time “LET’S MAKE AMERICA GREAT FOR ALL”.

About the Honorable Ron Price:

Past Chair of the National Black Caucus of School Board Members

Past President of the National Association of African American School Board Members

Dallas Independent School District Trustee, 1997-2009

Past President of the National Caucus of Young School Board Members

Past President of the Texas Black Caucus of School Board Members

Past Bylaws chair of the Texas Association of School Board Members

Past President of the Metro Plex African American School Board Members Association

Past President of the Dallas School Board

Past 1st President of the Dallas School Board

Past Secretary of the Dallas School Board

Past Chair of the DISD Budget and Finance Committee

Past Chair for the DISD Education Committee

Past Chair of the DISD Personal Committee

Created the Dallas Teen School Board

Helped establish the DISD Student Uniform Policy

Championed Citywide Early Childhood Program 

For more information, contact:

Diana Petrik, Universal Media Group

Source: Ron Price


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