'The Indoor Gardening System' Provides Fresh Herbs Year-Round but Eliminates Countertop Clutter

Good food is desired by everyone, and the secret to delicious food often depends on the herbs and spices used in the preparation. Culinary duties vary from whether one is a short-order cook, home cook or an executive xhef. One thing remains the same, regardless of the cook, and that is the benefit of fresh herbs and spices always being available.

Availability is achieved when using the Indoor Gardening System. The Indoor Gardening System is specially designed for cultivating herbs and spices inside the home. Resembling a ceiling fan from which pots or planters will hang, including an optional automatic misting sprinkler, UV lights, and the ability to raise and lower the entire system, the design intent is to provide household chefs with a clever, space-saving and cost-effective way to grow their own food adornments.

The Indoor Gardening System involves two designs: an automated system and a manual unit. The automated system features a selection of components that ensure care of growing herbs and spices with little effort on the part of the user. The entire assembly of the automated Indoor Gardening System is suspended over the kitchen sink; the top of the unit has a UV lamp system to provide the plants with lighting. Directly below the light, a sprinkler apparatus uses the sink as a water source to mist the plants with water at timed intervals. A series of extension arms spread outward from the sprinkler in a form like a ceiling fan containing several pots of herbs and spices. A string/pulley system hangs below the Indoor Gardening System, allowing the assembly to be raised and lowered as needed for clipping or care.

The manual Indoor Gardening System is of the same construction as the automated model, but without the sprinkler. The string permits easy raising and lowering of the assembly so that users can add water when necessary, as well as clip the herbs and spices. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Indoor Gardening System.

The Patent Pending Indoor Gardening System was invented by Vineta and Quentin Adams of Chicago, IL, who said, “Space on the kitchen counter is not a problem when using the Indoor Gardening System. It eliminates the clutter from displaying individual pots and keeps the kitchen neat while allowing chefs to cook with fresh herbs and spices year-round. It works perfectly.”

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