"The Igloo Music Pet House": Spoil and Pamper Beloved Pets With This New Product

Those who have beloved pets will quickly see the benefits of this unique new product that serves to relax their animals. The Igloo Music Pet House is a specially designed, softly lit, collapsible domicile that serves as a calming respite for frightened cats and dogs. Motion-activated to play therapeutic music and circulate the air upon the animal's entry, the design intent is to sooth and comfort traumatized pets within their very own safe place or haven.

The Igloo Music Pet House features a distinct dome shape. The skeleton of the unit is comprised of telescoping tubing fashioned of durable aluminum or plastic material which expands upward into the igloo and retracts to form a carrying case. The erected structure provides the primary purpose of the Igloo Music Pet House. An infrared light is placed over the opening serving to activate the Igloo's therapeutic features. When sensing the presence of the animal a soft, 2-watt light bulb casts a warm glow in the interior. An internal MP3 player will emit soothing musical sounds via a small interior speaker. The music runs on a timer that is preset by the pet owner. A handy port will be provided or a wireless receiver for WiFi, which allows users to download chosen music into the device. Additionally, the back boasts a ventilation fan and weather shield making the Igloo perfect for indoor or outdoor use. Further, the floor is covered with soft padding for additional comfort. The Igloo features an easy to clean covering for the frame and a detachable power cord provides recharging the unit. An attractive, utilitarian exterior is offered in a variety of colors to appeal to individual tastes. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Igloo Music Pet House. 
The Igloo Music Pet House is Patent Pending and was invented by Maria Otero of New York, NY who said, “Relaxing a pet is not always simple. Any way to show additional love and concern to make an oasis for threatened cats and dogs is vital. The threat may be a thunderstorm, fireworks, or even the sound of a vacuum but it won’t matter when the Igloo Music Pet House is available. This new type house eases the mind of the pet while providing a safe refuge. It works perfectly.”

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