"The Identity Solution Software Application": Protects Card Holder and Creditor From Theft and Unauthorized Use

​Dishonesty creates havoc for those effected by financial fraud. The Identity Solution Software Application is software and hardware employing face (eye) and voice recognition technology and thumb print recognition to collect information from a new credit card applicant. This data is later imbedded into the credit or debit card. When the imbedded card is used at ATM's or credit/debit card readers equipped  for  use  with  this product then the combination of recognition software  provides increased security during the use of  one's card at  these locations eliminating the use of easily forged security signatures.

The Identity Solution Software Application revamps credit card readers and ATMs as well as the way a credit card or loan is applied for; credit card companies, banks, and loan organizations will qualify an applicant by using voice recognition, retinal recognition and thumb print recognition. When applying for credit, the application process will involve use of a computer microphone, smartphone, or tablet to record the applicant’s voice (creating a file of the person's voice), take a snapshot of their face/eyes, and even take one's thumb print. Combined, these unique features serve to protect one's identity from anyone posing as them to get new credit (identity theft) or trying to make purchases or cash withdrawals. This product will expand to include key stroke timing and patterns when typing one's name to make a purchase and when typing one's social security number. Voice recognition also serves to identify the person is who they claim to be. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in The Identity Solution Software Application.

The Patent Pending Identity Solution Software Application was invented by Mohamed Bangura of Bear, DE who said, “There is no question about it, identity theft is a nightmare and takes forever to resolve. In a similar way, unauthorized use also creates problems for the card holder. This system is a superb security check and eliminates unwanted, unexpected bills and lowered or ruined credit scores for the card holder and decreases lost revenue to the financial institutions. It is the solution because it works.”

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