"The I Pet": Protect Pets at All Times With This Collar

​Imagine a pet collar that will track a pet, monitor its heart rate and body temperature, have a wireless camera to track their movements, and also have a bark activated lighted collar. This is all possible with the I-Pet system. The I-Pet is a multifaceted collar/harness system specially designed for dogs that features a bark activated, lighted collar and video camera. It would also feature a mini tracker, alert and monitoring system. It is designed to provide a comprehensive product to help both the pet and the owners. The IPet is similar in appearance to a standard harness and collar and is a one piece, strap like device that will be comfortably held at the waist and draped across the back, torso, and neck areas using a buckle or clip closure. The camera will be activated by the sound of the dog's bark, and will record images in the surrounding areas of the dog. An alert will be sent to the owner through their smartphone or computer, so the owner is able to watch a live feed.  

The I-Pet will include a mini tracker and range alarm, that will sound an audible alert to the owner should they walk outside the perimeter that is preset by the owner. They will be equipped with a GPS tracker to enable the pet to be located. The I-Pet will also include LED lights activated by the dog's bark, that will illuminate and help guide the dog back to their home. A heart rate monitor included in the device will allow the owner to keep track of the pet's vital signs. A companion LED enhanced leash could also be included. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the I-Pet.

The Patent Pending I-Pet was invented by Brian Ferreira of Escondido, CA who said, “This unique system will offer optimal protection for the pet and the owners. With both cameras and spotlights to provide visibility, and an alert and monitoring system, the I-Pet will be a valuable tool for any pet owner.”

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