The HT Group Expands Recruiter Headcount as Austin Hiring Ramps Up

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The HT Group—one of the longest-running and most respected management consulting, staffing and recruiting agencies in Austin, Texas—announces a series of new internal hires and promotions as it continues to grow. The new hires include recruiters and staffing specialists as part of The HT Group's ever-expanding services in general staffingtechnical staffingprofessional recruiting and executive search and consulting.  

"With a lot of ingenuity and a little luck, The HT Group continued its longstanding growth through the pandemic, pivoting as Austin employers' needs evolved," says The HT Group President Chad Macy. "With this fresh edition of recruiters and staffing specialists, we can confidently serve Austin employers as they move into this next phase of staffing and hiring. In fact, I've worked with several of these new recruiters in the past. It feels great to be reunited with amazing professionals who you know are dedicated and talented."

The following recruiters and staffing specialists have joined The HT Group ranks most recently:

Claire Arriaga
Technical Recruiter

Claire Arriaga joins The HT Group as a technical recruiter seeking software engineers and other top tech talent with laser focus. 

Mary Hernandez
Executive Recruiter

Mary Hernandez has been hired as an executive recruiter for The HT Group professional search division. 

David Perez
Executive Recruiter

David Perez has hit the ground running as an executive recruiter for The HT Group. 

Wendy Nuncio
Executive Recruiter

Wendy Nuncio joins The HT Group as an executive recruiter for The HT Group professional search division.

Camila Lopez

Camila Lopez joins The HT Group staffing division as a recruiter.

Laura Doyle

Laura Doyle has quickly risen through The HT Group staffing division ranks as a recruiting coordinator, junior staffing manager, and now a recruiter.

Joel Fentanes
Technical Recruiter

Joel Fentanes has been promoted to a technical recruiter with The HT Group. 

Alex LaGuardia
Recruiting Manager

Alex LaGuardia was recently promoted to recruiting manager at The HT Group.

Gracen Pizzitola
Junior Recruiter

The HT Group has hired Gracen Pizzitola as a junior recruiter, joining its award-winning staffing and recruiting team.

Tatum Teer
Junior Recruiter

The HT Group has hired Tatum Teer as a junior recruiter, joining its award-winning staffing and recruiting team.

"These latest hires and promotions are just the tip of the iceberg," says The HT Group Founder and CEO Mark Turpin. "As we grow and evolve alongside Austin employers, we're proud to continue to attract top talent ourselves and to be named a best place to work and a top staffing agency on top of that. It's all part of our relentless mission to help Austin businesses succeed, whether that's through staffing, hiring, search, or other business advisory services."

Thanks to this remarkable growth, there are additional spots to fill at The HT Group. Apply for one of our open positions here: Get A Job

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