"The Hook Installation Tool": Specially Designed to Aid in Easily Installing a Hanging Hook Into Overhanging or Vertical Wooden Beams

Invents unveils "The Hook Installation Tool" which aids in storage and helps the user save space by hanging objects.

​Unless one is a major body builder certain duties are difficult such as screwing hooks into beams above one’s head.  The Hook Installation Tool is an assistive apparatus that is specially designed to aid in easily installing a hanging hook into overhanging or vertical wooden beams. It is to be used in conjunction with a power drill. The Hook Installation Tool facilitates insertion of hanging hooks into the toughest of wooden beams. It is ideal for many applications. The Hook Installation Tool has numerous and varied uses such as suspending tools, hanging bicycles, hanging plants, securing hammocks, and much more.
The Hook Installation Tool is presented as a diamond-shaped unit, comprised of one quarter inch (¼”) round stock, sheet metal, piano hinge, a carriage bolt, and a wing nut. Compact and lightweight, the Hook Installation Tool offers dimensions of approximately seven inches (7”) in length, three quarters of an inch (¾”) in width, and one quarter inch (¼”) in depth. The Hook Installation Tool is available in medium and large sizes to better accommodate any size hook, as well as small. Use of the Hook Installation Tool is easy and straightforward. First, a user selects the desired hook. Next, with the minor diameter of the chosen hook as a guide (determined with use of the included minor thread pitch diameter gauge), a matching drill bit would be inserted into a waiting power tool. After drilling a hole, the user then places the hook inside the Hook Installation Tool, removing wing nut, inserting the hook, and replacing the wing nut to secure it. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Hook Installation Tool.
The Patent Pending Hook Installation Tool was invented by Manuel Carrillo of Los Angeles, CA who said, “My prototype works successfully and if it works to help me, then I know it will help others. Proper tools are vitally important to the user(s) and any tool which makes a project easier becomes part of the tool box or bag of every single carpenter and Do-It-Yourselfer.”

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