"The Heater Thermos Mug": An Insulated Cup or Mug That Locks Into Place Over the Compact Torch Burner at the Base

Invents introduces "The Heater Thermos Mug" which will provide hot beverages or soups whenever or wherever desired.

​During cold weather (and sometimes warm) a hot cup of soup may be wanted but there is no place to fix it. That situation changes when The Heater Thermos Mug is available.  The Heater Thermos Mug is an insulated cup or mug that locks into place over the compact torch burner at the base of the unit. The base has a Velcro bottom with vents allowing the flames to breathe. It can even be affixed to a car dashboard. The Heater Thermos Mug has the ability to cook coffee or tea and can be used to heat food directly in the can as would be the case with canned soups. 

The Heater Thermos Mug is a special device made to hold a container and has a small torch blower that cooks or warms food inside the interior container. The insulated mug for hot beverages or soups will not only keep beverages hot but will actually heat, whenever and wherever required. The Heater Thermos Mug is a handled mug standing 8”H with a 3 ½” outer diameter. Liquids or soups can be contained within the steel, aluminum, or glass thermal liner around the side of which is a continuous layer of insulating Styrofoam. The Heater Thermos Mug is a top-quality insulated mug from which the user can consume or share hot beverages and/or soups. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in The Heater.
The Heater Thermos Mug is Patent Pending and was invented by Reece Dillard, Jr. and Donald Lockett of Chicago, IL who said, “The Heater Thermos Mug is ideal for sports fans, hunters, fishermen, hikers and similar outdoor enthusiasts. Anyone can enjoy a hot beverage or soup on a nasty day and better yet, it requires no clean-up. All a user needs to do is set it on a suitable surface, turn on the lighter, and wait a few minutes to enjoy a hot refreshment.  It works perfectly.”

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