"The Healthy Wipes": Provides a Vital Safeguard to One's Health—cleanliness

The Merriam-Webster online dictionary describes wipe as:  to clean or dry by using a towel or your hand; to remove by rubbing; and to move something over a surface. Wipe Up, wipe away, or wipe off are reminiscent of cleanliness.  Healthy Wipes is a sterile, naturally sanitizing wipe designed for one-time use in cleaning and disinfecting the top of a canned beverage prior to consumption. Also, useful for cleaning canned goods and available in convenient, multi-unit packs, the Healthy Wipes are perfect for household use in consumer homes but will excel in convenience-stores providing them free to those patrons buying and wanting to immediately use canned beverages.

The Healthy Wipes are fabricated in a biodegradable sanitary paper impregnated with an all-natural anti-microbial agent, safe for human consumption but lethal to the molds, other fungi and bacteria commonly found on the tops of beverage cans. In the home, the square Healthy Wipes container can be affixed to a refrigerator door by the packaged peel-and-stick backing, or simply kept in a drawer, cupboard, or on a kitchen counter. A single box of Healthy Wipes contains 25 individual 5” square wipes and can be placed at critical areas in convenience-stores to prompt a patron to wipe clean the top of a beverage prior to sipping it. (The Healthy Wipes might also include molded-plastic, aluminum, or stainless-steel dispenser boxes to be mounted permanently on drink-box and refrigerator doors, these dispensers then accommodating the disposable boxes of Healthy Wipes.) Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Healthy Wipes. 
The Patent Pending Healthy Wipes were invented by Stephen Roy and Shane Lynch of Piscataway, NJ who said, “In today’s busy world everyone is familiar with wipes and the need to stay clean. We grab wipes at the store to clean the handles of our shopping cart, parents use wipes for their babies, etc.   Healthy and clean habits are precisely what Healthy Wipes provides in assuring the canned drink is free of germs before taking a sip. They are quick and easy to use and Healthy Wipes work.”

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