"The Handy Soap": Bathing With a Sudsy and Secure Bar of Soap

Showering is a common form of bathing for millions of people every single day and slipping in the shower on soap is a potential hazard. This new device is a bathing accessory that is easy to use and prevents bar soap falling onto the wet shower floor. The Handy Soap is a compact soap holder that will convert a bar of bath soap (and small pieces of soap) into an easily handled, self-lathering bathing scrubber. Featuring interchangeable sponge and scrubber attachments for washing and exfoliating, it is perfect for children, the elderly and disabled – as well as any other consumer frustrated with dropping the soap in the bath or shower – the Handy Soap is easy to handle, easy to use, fun, and convenient.

The unit is a compact, easily handled case or holder for bar bath soaps. It is designed to hold the bar within a perforated plastic cover that is equipped with two alternate scrubbing surfaces and will effectively convert the bar soap into a self-lathering scrubbing appliance for personal bathing in bath or shower. Small pieces of bath soap that might otherwise be wasted can also be placed inside the Handy Soap holder ensuring the soap is completely used. The Handy Soap unit is oval with a locking, hinged lid and a surface perforated with slots through which water will move and exfoliate the encased soap. The Handy Soap retail package includes two alternate scrubbers which fasten to the soap-holder. One is a heavier-duty fibrous scrubber such as a loofah, for scrubbing away heavy dirt and grime with the other a softer bath sponge suitable for gentler follow-up lathering and scrubbing. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Handy Soap. 
Handy Soap is Patent Pending and was invented by Mehdi Terfous of Jamaica Hills, NY who said, “This converts a slippery bar of bath soap into an easy-to-handle personal scrubbing device. It offers a two- surface personal scrubber and saves money while keeping slippery soap slivers or bars off the shower floor. It works.”

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