"The Grove Cleaner": Provides Deep-Cleaning of Utensils, Particularly Forks

Eating in a restaurant, diner, hotel or club can be just as dangerous as eating at home---if the knives, forks and spoons are not properly cleaned. It is always wise to check the cleanliness of a utensil before using it no matter where one is located. The Grove Cleaner is a dish washing implement designed specifically for hand cleaning forks. Configured with scouring pads and a series of bristles The Grove Cleaner gets in between the tines of forks removing food particles from these hard-to-reach areas thus eliminating the unappetizing possibility of leftover food on forks. It also ends the possibility of a food-borne illness that can spread by the inadequate cleaning of these essential utensils.

Viewed from the front or rear, The Grove Cleaner looks like an elongated “H” in which the inner surfaces of the upright sides are covered with a scouring-pad material with the horizontal cross-member covered with bristles. The “H” design permits The Grove Cleaner to sit on a countertop or a sink splash-guard for instant access. The user can utilize the device when washing dishes and utensils by hand or “pre-washing” dishes and utensils before loading them into the dishwasher. To clean a fork using The Grove Cleaner simply wipe or rub the upper and lower surfaces of the fork against the scouring sides of the cleaner and finish the job by using the bristled cross-member of the cleaner to brush and remove food particles and residues from in between the tines of the fork. Afterwards the fork will be ready for a quick swipe with a soapy sponge or dish-cloth and a hot-water rinse – or -- for loading into the dishwasher's silverware basket. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in The Grove Cleaner. 
The Grover Cleaner is Patent Pending and was invented by James Hargrove of Long Beach, CA who said, “We all remember or try to remember to wash our hands before putting anything in our mouth, but sometimes we forget and that even the utensils we use need to be clean. The Grove Cleaner is an implement that will help make sure what goes into our system is clean.  What is on our plate is pertinent to good health in more ways than one, and no leftovers from earlier food is left the utensils. It works perfectly.”

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