"The Grill & Stack": Stores Grilled Food Without Harming Flavor While Fixing More

Everyone will appreciate the food prepared by grill-masters on this new device. Foods stored in this new device stay warm and delicious after being grilled to perfection. The Grill & Stack is a heat channeling, stainless steel box, specially designed to fit onto the side of any barbecue grill to house cooked foods and keep them hot while others are being prepared. The design intent is to provide an easy and effective means of keeping these foods hot and free of pests throughout the grilling process while also facilitating more grill space for additional items.

The rectangular unit is a covered stainless steel box approximately 3”H x 5”W and 14”D and is a universal product that attaches flush to the side of virtually any grill, whether propane or charcoal via a series of clamps that fit the Grill & Stack directly adjacent to the grill's cooking surface. The residual, indirect heat from the cooking surface can permeate the Grill & Stack box keeping stored foods warm without burning or otherwise compromising their taste and texture. A grill master need only stack grilled foods such as burgers, steaks and chicken into the box when they have been cooked to perfection and then place additional items onto the cooking surface. The Grill & Stack ensures that its contents remain hot and fresh. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Grill & Stack. 
The Patent Pending Grill & Stack was invented by Arlene Davis and Halimah Browne of Brooklyn, NY who said, “This keeps grilled items from the barbecue hot without burning or overcooking while providing grill space for additional foods.  Everyone who loves to cook outdoors on a grill will benefit and so will the dining guests. The food is delicious and enjoyed by all. It works perfectly.”

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