The Goldwater Law Firm Announces 2020 Community Improvement Scholarship Winner

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​​​The Goldwater Law Firm, the nationally recognized law firm dedicated to protecting the rights of injured people, has chosen the winner of the 2020 Community Improvement Scholarship. 

About the 2020 Community Improvement Scholarship

In an effort to promote beneficial community involvement, Attorney Bob Goldwater funded a $1,000 scholarship for one deserving student who showed great leadership in the betterment of their community. The scholarship was open to students across the United States either enrolled in or about to attend a community college or undergraduate or graduate program with a minimum of a 3.0 GPA. Students were also required to submit a 750-word essay describing one piece of legislation that they thought would have a profoundly positive impact on the safety of their community and how it could be implemented effectively. 

The Scholarship Winner 

Tyler Parenzan is a model student with an impressive GPA and crowning academic achievements. He is currently enrolled at University of Florida, seeking his graduate degree in medical physiology. Tyler is passionate about educating others on the dangers and consequent stigmas of substance abuse in our nation and has created two medical bills (pending) that address these issues. In his essay, Tyler touched on the resources and laws in place for those struggling with addiction and how we as a community can do better in our efforts to help these people. 

A Word From The Winner

“I am beyond appreciative of the opportunity The Goldwater Law firm has given me. As someone who has self-funded their entire education, I appreciate the financial assistance. With this, I plan on studying how to best treat addictions at the individual level while also learning how to make effective changes to healthcare policy. I believe that people suffering from addictions deserve quality care and compassion, so they can live a life devoid of a terrible disease. To me, this scholarship is more than just funding an academic endeavor. It's further affirmation that there is a huge need to address addiction in our country. I am grateful that The Goldwater Law Firm believes in investing in this cause. Thank you so much, Goldwater Law Firm!”

About The Goldwater Law Firm

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