"The Godinez Doorstopper: Keeps Hinged Door Open Without Stress or Strain

Time saving products often reduce frustration of the user and this is the case when using this new doorstopper whether the user is a service or maintenance individual, a housekeeper or a homeowner. The Godinez Doorstopper is a small, magnetic, adjustable, wedge-type device that is specially designed to fit between the hinged surfaces of a door and the door frame. The design intent is to provide a more practical, fast and user-friendly means of securing and keeping a door open when necessary, without ever having to bend over.

The device comes in two designs fabricated of durable plastic, wood or metal material. One design is an L- shaped unit and the second features a T-shape. The model’s magnets are positioned at the corners where   the top and bottom stems intersect. The units are adjustable via a handy, spring-loaded screw affixed to  one end of the unit. The simple design is effective e in application and one need only position a Doorstopper within the space where the door meets the door frame. When a door is opened to its needed width, a Godinez Doorstopper is inserted so that one end is attached to the hinge surface while the corner section of the L or T is flush against the door jamb. The door is instantly secured in the open position remaining so until the Godinez Doorstopper is removed. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Godinez Doorstopper.

The Patent Pending Godinez Doorstopper was invented by Miquel Godinez Estrada of Anaheim, CA  who said, “Every building has doors and to open and close them they are normally attached via hinges.  This is lightweight, easy-to-carry and fits into the user’s pocket and when you want to keep the door open all you need to do is place it between the door and the door frame. I have a working prototype and it work perfectly.”

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