The Genome Registry Is Making Genes Sexy On Multiple Platforms

The Genome Registry Gets People into Genes and Chromosomes in a Fun Way.

The Genome Registry just announced that it has made its website mobile compliant to better serve its worldwide customers.

Since The Genome Registry is the official registry of genome pseudonyms (nicknames) it was imperative that its website be user-friendly on multiple platforms including pc, tablet and mobile phones. With the majority of internet traffic moving to mobile viewing it is essential that viable companies have either apps or mobile friendly websites.

Hal Stevens, CEO of The Genome Registry related that " Many companies that have mobile apps just have stripped down versions of their websites. These leave users feeling cheated and confused. Often these apps are difficult to maneauver and omit critical features that are the reason people use their websites. We decided to make our website mobile friendly, as well as, pc attractive to customers."

The Genome Registry capitalizes on genome sequencing and mapping by offering the ability to name a gene or chromosome from any currently mapped organism for yourself, a loved one, or anyone. This novelty gift brings a fun and educational component to serious biological research and discovery. It also makes great birthday, anniversary, and holiday gifts that show both intelligence and creativity. The Genome donates a portion of every customer registration to a scientific research or wildlife preservation nonprofit organization.

Registration with The Genome Registry provides a letter of congratulations, acknowledging the individual's contribution to science education and research; a personalized chart containing a detailed graphical representation of the customer's genomic component; and, a personalized full color parchment certificate with the genomic component name, data description and date of issuance.

For more information, please contact:

The Genome Registry
Dr. James (Jim) Enderby Bidlack
Vice President and Chief Science Officer