Leaving A Legacy? Honoring Someone Important? We Have Your Answer.

When choosing a gift for an event, or holiday, there is now an option that makes both the giver and receiver look more intelligent.

The Genome Registry, in response to frequently asked questions about creating a legacy, memorializing a loved one, giving a meaningful gift, supporting scientific research and wildlife conservation, has updated its Top Reasons website page.

The Genome Registry offers the ability to name a gene or chromosome from any currently mapped organism after the person of your choice. It provides you with a certificate and documentation of authenticity which is suitable for framing and sharing. This unique company combines scientific research and education with novelty gift personalization, and has caught the attention of individuals worldwide.

The reasons customers use The Genome Registry include: It makes a great Valentine's Day, birthday, and anniversary gift; matching a person's name (i.e. Rose) to a genome of their namesake (the rose flower); associating part of a genome after a survivor of a disease, or in memory of them; honoring a relative or friend with a power trait like naming part of the horse or buffalo genome after them; and, naming part of the chicken, pig, or turkey for a co-worker makes a great gag gift.

According to Dr. Jim Bidlack, Vice President and Chief Science Officer at The Genome Registry: "Customers who use our service include individuals from all over the world; and, from every educational, social and economic background. I personally communicate with many of them to ask why they find our service valuable. We are extremely proud that customers, in increasingly large numbers, view our service as a unique, legitimate and fun option for a variety of reasons."

Additionally, The Genome Registry donates a portion of every customer registration to TriBeta, a university level biological honors society, and/or The Wildlife Habitat Council, a group of conservation organizations, corporations, and individuals dedicated to restoring and enhancing wildlife habitat.

Registration with The Genome Registry (www.TheGenomeRegistry.com) provides a letter of congratulations, acknowledging the individual's contribution to science education and research; a personalized chart containing a detailed graphical representation of the selected genomic component; and, a personalized full color parchment certificate with the genomic component name, data description and date of issuance.

For additional information please contact:

Dr. James (Jim) Enderby Bidlack
Vice President and Chief Science Officer
The Genome Registry
(405) 974-5927