"The Fret Slotting Machine": Enables Luthiers to Concentrate on the Sound, Not on Accuracy of Fret Slot Positioning

​The Fret Slotting Machine is the one tool that every luthier needs and wants. It is a table-or bench-top electrically powered high-precision tool for perfectly and consistently slotting fretboards without the use of double-stick tape and a miter box. Its use allows the builder to reposition the slotting saw over the fretboard for each slot without having to move the fretboard in the miter box. And, the Fret Slotting Machine enables a luthier to achieve perfect fret slots without having to acquire a costly CNC (Computer Numerical Control) system, or purchase the service of slotting by a supplier.

The luthier making any stringed musical instruments that are designed with frets, will benefit when utilizing the Fret Slotting Machine. The fretboard is mounted flush to the base-plate by a series of adjustable side-clamp designed so as not to interfere with the cutting-head assembly.  This is a fully working new product and has the accuracy every luthier is searching for. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the Fret Slotting Machine.
The Patent Pending Fret Slotting Machine was invented by Gerald Ramsey, a retired aerospace manufacturing engineer and inventor living in Grafton, OH who said, “I have a prototype available. As a manufacturing engineer I recognize a means to provide quality, versatility, consistency of results, minimization of waste and savings in both time and labor.  Accuracy is ensured by the pin-and-hole rail design.  The process of slotting frets with the Fret-Slotting Machine is 90% faster than with a conventional miter box method. It works.”

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